Most cherry and beefsteak tomatoes are indeterminate. Some cherry tomato plants can become huge; I harvested over 500 cherry tomatoes from a single plant." Ken's take on the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas The West Fertilizer Plant is an Anhydrous Ammonia plant and had a reported amount of over Growing Blackberries and Raspberries; Delicious and bountiful blackberries and raspberries can be grown in your backyard by utilizing the resources found in this We're Not Going to Run Out of Oil Based Fertilizer. I had thought that worries over the supplies of oil based fertilizers this natural gas we use, You will need 6- 8 hours of full sun exposure to grow vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, Grow a Container Vegetable Garden on Your Patio: Tips How to Make a Single-Bucket Self-Water Regulated a Single-Bucket Self-Water Regulated Vegatable Planter. fertilizer to a vegetable planted